In the COVID-19 Recovery days

We know you want to have a holiday or break.

We understand you have concerns about where to book your accommodation for a safe stay.

We want to show you the arrangements we have put in place to help reduce risks to Guests and allow your Hosts to live and work safely now we can open our doors to you again.

This information is “fluid” and will change as the situation changes, along with changes made by the Scottish and UK Governments

Last updated 31st July 2020

Torlundy House has been accredited as “Good to Go”
in accordance with the requirements of VisitScotland and the other UK Tourist Boards for re-opening to B&B Guests

Now that Hospitality is permitted to “open it’s doors” to guests again we are making temporary changes to the way we accept reservations and provide the Bed & Breakfast experience at Torlundy House. We are making changes in an effort to minimise risk and comply with any social  distancing and health restrictions we must adhere to in the future while COVID-19 remains a worldwide risk.

Our priority is the safety of our guests, any staff we employ and ourselves.

Our first line of defence for all of us is to keep COVID-19 out of Torlundy House.

Here we tell you what the main changes are and link you to our “Download” page on this website so you can view and download the documentation.

We hope you will find this useful, but we would like to reassure you that if you are unsure of any part of the documentation and require clarification we are more than happy to assist.

We want you to feel confident to come and stay at Torlundy House and enjoy a holiday on our area.

All of the documentation is “living”, meaning that it will be updated as required.

Temporary changes to Reservation Terms and Conditions

Here we tell you about the temporary modifications and additions to our Reservation Terms and Conditions. There is not enough space on the automatic reservation confirmation sent when you place a reservation, however the T&Cs on that are presented to you before you finalise your reservation (and you have to “tick” a box to agree them) still apply, we are just making them better and more flexible for you.

Click here to go to our Download page.

Temporary changes to Check In and Check Out Procedures

Modifications to our Check In and Check Out procedures have been made necessary to comply with distancing, ensure that COVID-19 is kept out of Torlundy House and also reduced contact points for guests. For example we may offer Digital Registration. There will also be requirements for temperature taking (contactless) and additional COVID related health checks and Track & Chase information.

Click here to go to our Download page.

Protocols and Procedures should a guest present with symptoms of COVI-19 while staying at Torlundy House

This also includes the procedure in the event a guest is required to self isolate or has tested positive for COVID-19 whilst staying at Torlundy House. We are using clear Scottish Government instructions on this matter.

Click here to go to our Download page.

Enhancements to Housekeeping and Cleaning Protocols

We know form many guests this is a really important requirement. Torlundy House is well renowned for cleanliness from reviews written by guests on our own review system and on Tripadvisor. We are now enhancing our cleaning to include the use of anti-viral products that meet the standards for effectiveness against enveloped viruses such as COVID-19. You will find full details in the relevant document.

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Temporary changes to Breakfast and other Food arrangements

We have had to adapt our breakfast seating and food provision / service arrangements to allow for distancing, removal of buffet facilities and enhanced food hygiene, as well as make provision for guests to bring Take Away food back to to Torlundy House if they have not been able to secure a reservation at a local restaurant, many of which will be operating at reduced capacity themselves. You will find details here.

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If you find that we have not answered all your questions then please get in touch.

Thank you.


Lastly, more than ever now it will be important to make reservations at restaurants for evening dining. A list of the main places our guests have used over the years can be found here.