We have introduced enhanced cleaning / health protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic to comply with guidance by the Scottish and UK Governments as well as the UK wide “Good to Go” scheme to demonstrate to that we are doing all we can for the safety of our guests, ourselves and any staff we may have.

Here we tell you what we are doing in addition to our normal Housekeeping for which we are well renowned in reviews.

In all circumstances the enhanced protocols require more of our time and we must also maintain social distancing. We therefore require that all guests, Checking Out or Staying Over leave Torlundy House by 10am and do not return until 4pm. Without this co-operation we cannot do our work safely, whilst maintaining social distancing. Thank you.

Housekeeping Protocols – Bedrooms – Guest checked out

  1. Bedrooms aired to allow atmospheric viral load to reduce
  2. Bed linen (including protectors) removed for laundering
  3. Bedrooms to be deep cleaned after having 24 hours empty from time previous
    guest checked out
  4. Duvets and pillows to be bagged and sealed for 72 hours
  5. Bedrooms to have all touch points and surfaces cleaned with anti-viral product
  6. Bathrooms deep cleaned using bleaches and anti-viral products as appropriate
  7. Beds re-made with duvets unused for at least 72 hours along with clean protectors
  8. Hospitality tray sanitised and re-stocked
  9. Bedroom locked until guest Checked In
  10. All room keys sanitised
  11. Ensure all notices are in place
  12. Linen laundered at high temperature with a disinfecting additive
  13. Linen use rotated to allow 72 hours between use, even after washing
  14. Anti-viral products comply with EN14476 for enveloped viruses including COVID-19

Housekeeping Protocols in bedrooms during multi-night bookings

Up to a maximum of 4 nights we will not normally carry out any Housekeeping in your room in line with Industry Guidelines.

  1. We will leave bags in your room for you to empty waste bins into, along with a bag for any towels that you require laundering. These items to be placed in the corridor outside your room before you leave.
  2. Replacements will be left just inside your room.
  3. We also provide an order form for more hospitality tray supplies
  4. Towels are normally changed after 2 days

If you are staying more than 4 nights we will discuss with you the options for a bed linen change.

We do ask that guests open windows and turn down or off heating controls before leaving for the day, as well as when Checking Out. This airs the rooms, reduces humidity and helps eliminate odours.

Housekeeping in Public areas of house

  1. All public areas of the house (Lounge, Breakfast Room, Hallways and Stairs) will be cleaned, surfaces and touch points sanitised after Guest Bedrooms have been completed
  2. Touch points will be re-sanitised again after guests Check In.
  3. Hand sanitiser stations to be topped up and sanitised as required
  4. Keys to be sanitised
  5. Check to ensure all notices in place
  6. Ensure front door locked to prevent people entering unannounced.

Kitchen Cleaning Protocols

The kitchen is “out of bounds” to all guests as a matter of normal practice. To ensure it is a safe place for food preparation all work surfaces will be cleaned before and after each use and floors cleaned daily.

General practices

We will make use of appropriate PPE when carrying out any task that requires it as per Government Guidelines, to include aprons, masks and gloves.
Physical distancing will be followed were possible with the use of PPE when not possible.

Guests are responsible for providing their own PPE, however, we do hold a small quantity for purchase at cost price.

Whilst we wish to provide safety and security for our guests it is important to remember we are in the Hospitality Business and as such we must be practical as well as safe.

Our priority is the safety of our guests, our staff and ourselves

Our first line of defence for all of us is to keep COVID-19 out of Torlundy House!