1. Check in times of 4pm to 7pm (16.00hrs to 19.00hrs) will be strictly adhered to
  2. There will be no early or late check in or early baggage drop available
  3. NO GUEST SHOULD PRESENT THEMSELVES FOR CHECK IN IF THEY HAVE ANY OF THE 3 MAIN COVID-19 SYMPTOMS – persistent new cough, loss of smell or taste, raised temperature
  4. On arrival at Torlundy House please press the bell button to call us and wait outside
  5. Under no circumstances enter the house before we come to the door to greet you
  6. We may require Electronic Check in. If we have not sent a request for this, or it has not been completed in full, normal Check in will be required
  7. Non UK residents we will required to provide Passport and Visa details
  8. All guests in a party must provide full contact details to facilitate “Track & Trace”
  9. We may use a contactless thermometer aimed at your forehead to check your temperature before entry / Check in
  10. Refusal to have your temperature checked may result in us refusing to Check you in.
  11. We may ask you to complete a confirmation of health in relation to COVID-19 symptoms at or 24 hours before Check in
  12. We may decline to Check In any guest who has had contact with a friend or relative diagnosed with COVID-19 or advised to go into self-isolation during the 14 days prior to Check In date


  1. In most cases we will ask guests to settle their account before Check In through our reservation system or other contactless means. For example, we may send a “Secure Payment Link” up to 7 days prior to Check In requesting payment of the balance of your reservation. Payment can be made using any of the means detailed in the link
  2. Check Out time is by 10am (10.00hrs) at the very latest
  3. If a guest is required to Check out early for a COVID-19 related reason we will refund any unused payment
  4. Where a guest has not made prior full payment for their reservation we can accept credit and debit cards as normal in addition to contactless Apple, Google and Samsung Pay
  5. We no longer accept any payment by cash or cheque

We thank all our guests for their co-operation at this time, in trying to ensure Torlundy House is a safe place for our guests, staff and ourselves.