Change to our Breakfast Menu:

Over the last couple of years we have noticed a reduction in the number and size of cooked breakfasts being ordered by guests. During 2019 we did a trial by offering an option for a Continental Style of breakfast.

We provided a plate of cheeses and cooked meats and added some pastries as well as other daily additions plus of course our normal buffet. This was very well received by guests, many saying that they felt a cooked breakfast every day was becoming too much and where there was an alternative at other establishments they were opting for it instead.

This also reduces our food wastage, and thus our impact on the environment, helping sustainability, as well as allowing us to keep rate increases as low as possible.

Therefore for 2020 we have decided to cease cooked breakfast apart from a couple of popular cooked and very traditional options, which we have also seen greater demand for.

Our version of a Continental Breakfast will a more extensive buffet including cold meats, smoked salmon and cheeses (Scottish produced where possible) along with some daily changeable options to provide variety.

For guests wanting something hot Porridge can be ordered the night before (starting Porridge making the night before makes for a better texture and taste). There will be no additional charge for this.

For a small extra charge we will offer Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs, a traditional Scottish Breakfast delicacy.

Many of our physically active guests tackling Ben Nevis and cycling have moved away from fat and protein laden cooked breakfast to a one containing a larger proportion of carbohydrates for energy.

We do appreciate that not all guests will like this style of breakfast, but, we feel it is right to move for sustainability, guest requirements and preferences.